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Be AWARE & SHARE if you CARE !!!!! VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!!

Be AWARE & SHARE if you CARE  

I just had a SCAM call from the following numbers in Sydney 0280051898 / 0280914070 pretending to be Telstra/Optus Tech Support, warning me that my PC has been hacked into while they were trying to get me to give them access (to Hack it).


Although this may not be directly related to LinkedIn or Social Media, but we definitely need all the support we can get to warn everyone in our networks using Social Media. 

This was a very obvious scam that I wanted to share with everyone in Australia and all over the world, if you get a call from such numbers or with such instructions be aware.
They will tell you that your computer has been hacked into and ask you to download a remote access software such as "TeamViewer" so that they may access your pc (Hack into it), they will claim that they are from  Optus or Telstra Tech support and threat you that they will disconnect your internet service if you dont get the hacking removed as it could impact the entire internet network in Australia (yea right).

It is very obvious that they are far from professional from the way they talk, optus/telstra wouldn't hire such people.
They are calling random numbers and have no idea who they are speaking to (as in wouldn't say can I speak to Mr. X), they don't know your internet UserID, if in doubt hang up and call your ISP Support directly. I went along with them to see how far they want to go, they asked me to downloading the teamviewer (remote access software) they asked me for the ID and password showing on the software claiming they wanted to verify them, I asked them to give me the numbers and i would verify them (playing along) they said "sorry we sent the number on your screen and we want to verify them before we proceed (as if).

I asked them for numbers to call them back on as i don't have Caller ID the numbers they gave me are:
0280051898  and 0280914070


I CARE, do you?

Ehab Elagaty
1 of the Most Connected LinkedIn Members Globally in Australia - 30,000 connections
SAP NetWork Global (93,500+ members MAR 2014)
Australia NetWork
SAP NetWork Australia 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Is it true that Linkdin initially gives up to 3000 invitation requests and that they put some restrictions on the invitations sent after that ??

Today I received a question from a friend of mine asking me if it true that Linkdin initially gives up to 3000 invitation requests and that they put some restrictions on the invitations sent after that ?? Below is my answer .... Yes its true, which is why invites should be used wisely (before you run out of bullets) :) However, when you do run out, all you need to do is to send LinkedIn Customer Support a request to increase your invitations which they would often do by giving you something like 50 (with the restriction of not requesting any more for another 30 days then you can just request again and they will give you another 50 and so on). On the other hand, by following some of the tips that I have posted on my blog you can capitalize on improving the number of invites you can get by doing things like: • joining the large LION groups • announcing that you are a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) by including the word LION in your profile headline • announce your interest in connecting with others and invite others to connect with you through LI groups • You can also add yourself to that list when you subscribe for a premium membership through OpenNetworker for $9.95/month or $49.95/year Best Regards, Ehab Elagaty

Monday, 16 April 2012

Why are you using LinkedIn? What are the benefits of using LinkedIn? What have you gained by using it so far?

This is an interesting question that I have posted on LinkedIn back in APR-2011 where I have received 52 Answers for.

Why are you using LinkedIn? What are the benefits of using LinkedIn? What have you gained by using it so far?

I am preparing a presentation for a networking event in Jeddah about Networking & LinkedIn.

Here are some reasons why I think people may use LinkedIn for, would appreciate it if you have others to add to the list:
- To stay in touch with friends and colleagues.
- To reconnect with old friends and colleagues that you may have not been able to find or be found by otherwise when emails and phone numbers are changed.
- To get introduced to new interesting friends and business connections.
- To promote your products and services, find or be found by new customers.
- To find or be found by new vendors, suppliers or service providers.
- To find a job through your network and to make it easy for employers and recruiters to find you.
- To find someone to fill a vacancy that you may have.
- To find experts and get advices.
- To share your experience, help others and give advices.
- To stay updated with the latest news especially about your network and whats new.
- To join groups and start or join in interesting discussions.
- To build and strengthen your personal branding and online presence for you or your company (improving the chances of being found on Google).
- To find new opportunities for business, partners or investors
- To consolidate in one place trusted (to some degree) recommendations that you can get from your colleagues, friends and business contacts.
- To use who you know in common to ask for reference about someone or a company before working or doing business with them.
- To look up anyone that you need to meet or speak to and find out what you can about them to understand them better and to make a good impression.
- To be able to post questions and get different answers
- To be able to create or participate in polls (surveys) and find out the results.
- To be able to post and share announcements, updates, news, cool things.
- To be recognized as a subject matter expert in your area of expertise.

Clarification added August 17, 2010:

I noticed a great interest in this question and participating in answering it, so I am re-opening it, I would like to thank each and everyone contributing even if it is just with a little comment. Will try to keep you updated with the final list if I get to finish it or if it stops : )

Clarification added March 25, 2011:

Reopening the question again as the reasons and benefits are almost endless ..
This time planning to run a seminar in CAIRO.
posted August 5, 2010 in Using LinkedInInternet Marketing | Closed

Click HERE or go to this link to find out the answers:

Sunday, 15 April 2012

TopLinked Members #2 / How to find the Top 10 TopLinked members in your Country / Industry / Area of Interest on LinkedIn

Below are some very useful & tiny (EZy 2 remember) links that will take you to some advanced searches of LinkedIn Members in different areas and regions.

You can simply modify the selection criteria from the left side by adding keywords, selecting companies or industries, modifying countries selected,...etc.

Top Most Connected LinkedIn Members:
Make sure the results are sorted by Connections if you wish to find out the Top Most Connected members

Visit www.LinkedFans.Net to find out more about LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers), How to expand your network rapidly, How to use LinkedIn for Business and MORE ...

Happy Networking : )

Ehab Elagaty
#1 Most Connected in the Middle East & Australia    
#2 Most Connected SAP professionals World Wide
#22 Most Connected Globally

Owner of SAP NetWork Global Group (+80K Members)

(Last Updated: 2012 - APR) 

 I know for a fact that the following members also have 30K direct connections, if I or any of them show up #2,3 or 4 it only means that we may have a difference of 1 or more connections at the time the search is done, or some of us may have exactly the same number of connections but we can not all be displayed as #1 at the same time:
As a matter of fact  Stan and  Hesham  have made it to the top before me (by reaching the limit of 30,000 connections) and I have caught up with them in 2012-APR, so I guess we are all #1 J

@ Stan
Thanks for being one of my best LinkedIn mentors, if it wasnt for leaders like you, I wouldn't have been able to catch up with you.

@  Hesham
I have been looking forward to catching up with you for a long time, thanks for setting up an example for me to be #1 in the Middle East.

Monday, 2 August 2010

20 Tips to help you find a job (most of them are useful even if you are not looking)

Many people that I am connected with have asked me to help them with their job hunt, here are 20 tips that I have put together and thought that I would share them with all readers and followers of Linked Fans hoping you find them useful:
  1. Check websites like Seek, MyCareer, Bayt, Monster, Golfjobs, ...
  2. Search on Google for job websites in your country or region.
  3. Sign up for auto notifications of searches for the types of jobs you are looking for.
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile with all your Positions / Qualifications / Skills / What you are looking for.
  5. Search for and Join the largest Groups on LinkedIn using keywords like Job, Jobs, SAP, IT, Sales, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Australia.
  6. Search for Jobs inside the groups by using keywords in discussions and under the jobs tab.
  7. Search for Jobs under LinkedIn Jobs as some Employers / Recruiters post there. 
  8. Search for, contact with the Top Most Connected Recruiters / Managers / Professionals in your field (using the advance search, then sort by number of connections). 
    You can add keywords like LION, TopLinked or even better do an
    Advanced Search from within the TopLinked Group before you blindly send out invitations to make sure they would accept them
  9. Post your CV online on a Googlesite or, add the link for your CV to your profile, upload it to your profile using the application
  10. Post your availability and what types of jobs you are looking for on the Groups.
  11. Post questions from time to time to your network through Q&A / Discussions / Jobs tab asking if they know of any jobs in your field / area / region or if they have any other tips.
  12. Post on the network activity from time to time that you are looking for work, the location of your online CV, i.e.
  13. Link your Twitter account with your LinkedIn account from Edit Profile so network activities can be posted their too.
  14. Search for Jobs / Recruiters on as well and follow job posters.
  15. Scan through ads online and print and send your CV across even if the advertised role is not a relevant to you, they may have an unadvertised relevant role for you now or a relevant one later on.
  16. Update your headline, summary to mention that you are looking for work and what type.
  17. Expand your network with the most connected LIONs ("LinkedIn Open Networkers" if you like the idea of being an open networker) globally and in your country, area of interest.  Invite your friends / colleagues / ... more details at the post "LinkedIn & How to rapidly expand your network" on Linked Fans.
  18. Ask for recommendations from those that would be willing to recommend you, start by recommending the ones that deserve recommendations (feel free to recommend me if you find my tips useful ).
  19. Search for the Most Connected Recruiters and Managers in the Companies and Areas that you would like to work in.
  20. Last but not least.  Try to help others and give charity as Allah (GOD, if you believe in Him) is always in the help of those that help.   Along with praying, be good to your parents and ask for their prayers as their prayers can do miracles.
 Feel free to:

Looking forward to your Diggs, Comments, Suggestions and More Tips

Kind Regards,
Ehab Elagaty

#1 Most Connected in Saudi Arabia / Egypt / Melbourne
#1 Most Connected SAP professional in the Middle East / Australia
#3 Most Connected SAP professionals World Wide
#3 Most Connected in Australia
#4 Most Connected in the Middle East

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Dig the well before you get thirstly.
You are Not Working if you are Not NetWorking : )

Monday, 28 June 2010

What is LinkedIn?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

LinkedIn & How to rapidly expand your network

Click Here to download the presentation

Sorting by Connections through Advanced Search is a very useful feature that can be utilized in LinkedIn to get a list of the top 10-100 most connected people in a particular country, region, group of countries, industry, groups, professions, …etc.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

TopLinked Members / How to find the Top 10 TopLinked members in your Country / Industry / Area of Interest on LinkedIn

One of the most important tips that I was given to expand my network rapidly when I first started using LinkedIn back in Mid 2005 was to Search for then connect with the most connected people (especially the LIONs / Open Networkers / TopLinked members) in my country, area of specialty or interest.

So I wanted to share this important tip with you along with some links as examples for searching for most connected people / TopLinked/Open Networkers / SAP specialists in the Middle East / Saudi Arabia / Egypt / Australia / Worldwide.

By following such tips I have managed to hold the following positions (2010 - April):
Click on the links below to see the search results

#1 SAP Specialist TopLinked/Open Networker in the Middle East

(had I changed my location back to Egypt, excluding Mr. A.AlSaad)

#1 TopLinked/Open Networker in Egypt
(had I changed my location back to Egypt, excluding Mr. A.AlSaad)

#3 TopLinked/Open Networker in Australia
(had I changed my location back to Australia, excluding Mr. A.AlSaad)

(had I changed my location back to Australia, excluding out Mr. A.AlSaad)

not quite on the top 100 list, yet :(

Feel free to:
  • Connect with me directly if you are not already ==> Add Ehab to your Network

    ==> Friend. OR
    ==> Group then select a group that we share together (i.e. SAP Network Global, Middle East Network, TopLinked, OpenNetworkers ..etc.). OR
    ==> Other then enter ( ehab4sap [at] ) for email
  • Send me a recommendation (with regards to helping you expand your network if you find this useful, please select Moderator @ Linked Fans Blog if we have not worked together) from:
  • Post a comment if you are keen to receive more tips here.
  • Forward/Share/Twitter this to/with others (as is)

Important Notes:
  • Lists where I have listed TopLinked/Open Networkers are where I have specified the following groups in the searches:
    > (Open Networkers)
    > (Open Networkers)
  • All searches are done using Advanced Search and are Sorted by Number of Connections.
  • Do NOT send an invitation request to someone unless if you:
    > Know them personally OR
    > Know they would welcome your invitation (and would not click on the "I don't know this person" button) as this could go against you and prevent you from adding friends and colleagues without typing in their email addresses. It is quit safe to search for members in groups like LION / Open Networkers / TopLinked or to search for such keywords, just be aware that the keyword LION which stands for "Open LinkedIn Networker" may show up members that have words like milLION as part of their profiles or the animal lion.

Happy NetWorking,

Ehab Elagaty

Skype/GTalk: ehabelagaty

Some of my favorite LinkedIn Groups: (more can be found on my profile:

SAP Network Global: (33,500 members - April-2010)
SAP NetWork Middle East:
SAP NetWork Saudi Arabia:
SAP NetWork Australia:

Arab & Muslim Executives & Entrepreneurs Network (AMEEN):

You are NOT Working if you are Not NETWorking : )

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